About us

The Multiple Company „Wojmar” was opened in 1993 as a building company with registered office in Bydgoszcz. Since 1993 the character of our firm has been permanent.

For 24 years we have been successfully completing different facilities in the whole country. We have built some new buildings as well as old buildings which were adapted for the purposes of different users, companies and institutions. We have broad experience in investment and repairs of bank objects, hospitals and government offices.

The range of our business activities embraces full specification sheet which is very helpful during the construction works.

At the beginning our company was mostly accomplishing tasks which were focused on finishing-building works with installations.

In this way our company gained large experience as a general contractor for finishing works. We are able to complete traditional building as well as modern or historic building works.

Recently our company has implemented a large number of buildings for bank institutions in all parts of Poland. At present it is one of the fundamental areas, where we provide building services in.

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Organization of the company

Multiple Company „Wojmar” employs 35 workers from different building trades:

  • Team of electricians with a site manager who has got required entitlements to carry out all electrical works.
  • Crew of workers with a site manager, who are responsible for the installation of: central-heating, air-conditioning and water system.
  • The biggest group of workers consists of: painters, bricklayers, floor-layers and carpenters.

Our Site Managers have got building qualifications, which means that they can run the work independently. Furthermore the whole work progress is supervised by a special investment manager.

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